Can't resume video in base layer after closing lightbox quiz slide?

Jun 20, 2016


I have a project with 11 minutes of video in the base layer. At certain points in the video, it is triggered to pause using off screen shapes, and the user is taken to a lightbox quiz slide when they click on a "?" I have placed over the video on the screen (and in timeline). When they answer correctly, the "correct" quiz feedback button is triggered to close the lightbox. The problem is, my video and timeline won't resume in the base layer. Any solutions?

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Neil Middleton

?Hi Simon

Where would you like me to upload to? Do you have a dropbox account I could put it in?

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Neil Middleton

Hi Walt. Thanks for your reply.

I'm a bit confused. What do you mean by "the same quiz every time?". I thought lightboxes are for placing a slide / quiz slide over the base slide. I'm probably using lightboxes incorrectly. How are they meant to be used? Should I not bother using them? I was trying to create this effect (see link below) which I thought was lightboxes;


Simon Wood


That's perfect.  Neil - I just tested this method on your course and it works perfectly.

  1. Insert > New Slide > Quizzing > Graded > Select the question type.
  2. Build the quiz slide as desire.
  3. On video slide, insert a button/object that you want the user to click to see the quiz:
  4. Give it the trigger: "Jump to > The slide you made > When user clicks > The object"
  5. On the quiz slide, go to the Incorrect & Correct Slide Layers, and edit the existing triggers: "Jump to > The Video Slide > When user clicks > The Continue Button".

I tested and it works perfectly.  The video pauses when the user leaves the slide, and plays automatically upon their return.

Simon Wood

Hi Neil,

After following my above steps, you can call the quiz slide as a lightbox very easily.  Simply change the triggers to:

  1. On the Movie Slide Trigger = "Action:  Lightbox Slide (check Navigation Controls), select the quiz slide, when user clicks, the button"
  2. On the Quiz Slide Correct & Incorrect Layer Triggers = Close lightbox when user clicks.

I testing this on your course and it achieves what you're looking for.

Walt Hamilton


You're probably right, lightboxes can be used that way if you want that effect. For me, it's a personal work flow habit. I use a layer or another slide for that. What I like about lightboxes is that I can call one up (like for help) from anyplace, and when I close it I don't need to keep track of where to return. A leftover from programming days, I suppose, but yes you can use them that way.

Christie Pollick

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