When lightboxing a slide in html5 content launch slide will only return to base layer

Dec 19, 2017

Another weird issue that happens with html5 output that works correctly in flash.

I have  a trigger on the base layer that lightboxes another slide. If the lightbox is triggered from the base layer it pauses the base timeline, opens the lightbox, and resumes the timeline on the base layer on the revisit. If the lightbox is triggered from any other layer, the slide resumes on the base layer instead of the layer it was on when the lightbox opened. This completely messes up the timing and I end up with multiple narrations playing and the user basically has to back up a slide and start over..

I've attached a couple of slides from my project. The second slide has the lightbox trigger. I have yesterdays vers of storyline 360

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Brian,

Thanks for sharing your file with me! Are you seeing the same problem when you test this link?

In the meantime, I've attempted to recreate the problem in a new Storyline file here. Looks like everything is working correctly in that sample.

Can you help me spot a difference in your file and the sample I created? Thanks!

Brian  Steers

Hi Alyssa

I added an audio file to your sample and it does appear to work correctly. When the lightbox slide is triggered from layer 1 the audio (that's playing on layer 1) pauses and resumes once the lightbox is closed. 

On my sample, and your test link, when the lightbox is triggered from any layer other than the base layer the audio playing will pause but does not resume on the revisit. This is what messes up the timing since the media completing triggers other events. 

This particular project was created in Storyline 1 a couple of years back so it could be just another hiccup from the upgrade process. I'll try and recreate the slide from scratch and see what happens

Brian  Steers

Hi Alyssa

Recreating the slide seems to have fixed the issue... If I find an easier solution I'll post it here. I'm trying to republish all my old projects to html5 since flash is becoming more of a pain all the time. This particular issue isn't a huge deal since I don't think I have a lot of learners that even click the lightbox anyway, but I'd still like to fix them all. 

Html5 publishing in storyline has come a long way since I first tried it though...

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