Videos Not Playing Automatically In Lightboxes on iPad in 360

Mar 07, 2018

I have a course that has multiple lightbox slides with videos on them. On an iPad they are currently not playing automatically. 

I have tried the play automatically setting in the video options.

Setting the video to play from a trigger, in this case a cue point.

Offsetting the video slightly from the start of the timeline with the video set to play automatically.

We had issues with the display video controls below video setting so we removed them and added a pause button over the video that would show a layer that is set to pause the timeline of the base layer. The user clicks another button to hide this layer and the timeline resumes on the base layer.

Currently the only way the videos play is if the user clicks the custom pause button and then clicks the play button to hide this layer. This led me to try creating an additional layer that would be shown by a trigger at the start of the slide with a trigger on the layer to hide the layer when the timeline of the layer starts. This also didn't work.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone have any ideas as to how to solve the issue?

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Jordan! I'm really sorry to hear you're running into this issue on an iPad.

Great move on opening a support case – I took a peek into your case, and I can see that my colleague, Chino, is testing the course in the same environment as we speak.

You should hear back from him soon and I'll be sure to share updates here, as needed!

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