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Mar 10, 2016

I inserted various quiz questions and interactions throughout a course and then included a results slide at the end. I set the quiz slides up so that people could try unlimited times to get the question right (more to keep  them engaged than to test them).  However, if they try to navigate back and forth through the course, they can't retake a quiz question and the second visit the quiz doesn't work. For example, the drag and drop doesn't drag any more and the fill in the blank questions have no place to write the word. This only happens if revisiting the questions after navigating around the course (out of order).  Can this be fixed?  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ann,

It'll depend slightly on the rest of your course set up - if you're not using the "review" functionality from the results slide you could have each quiz question use the "reset to initial state" functionality and that way they would be able to return to a slide and retake the quiz question. If they returned it will always be reset - so it's also worth keeping in mind that you will want to let your users know that in terms of how it may change and impact their score.

If you're using the "review" functionality you'll want to keep the quiz questions with "resume saved state" so that the review will show what they answered correct and incorrectly.  If you want them to have a full retake functionality there is a "retry" button that you can add to the results slide which will reset all the questions and allow the user to try the entire quiz again.

Margharita Nehme

Hi, I'm having a similar issue: 

- I have a retry button on the results slide

- my quiz questions are randomized with each slide set to 'Reset to initial state'

- when users select the retake button, they are brought back to restart quiz but can't select any of the answers, almost like the slides are not resetting.

Thanks for any help or input you can provide.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Margharita!

Great questions! I see that you've submitted a support case and are working with my teammate, Jan!

For others who come across a similar issue, it looks like the order of the triggers was the culprit here.  The reset results trigger was coming after the jump to slide trigger. Triggers occur from top to bottom. Here is an article for reference. As always, never hesitate to connect with a Support Engineer!

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