May 10, 2023


I have modified one of the free downloads and created a quiz.  There are over 50 questions in the question bank and 15 are chosen at a time.  It is timed so the quicker they get the answer the more points they get.  

At the end of the quiz they get their total score and the option to try again.  When they click try again the course restarts and they can redo the quiz and try to get a higher score.

I would like to make a "high score" which shows what their highest score is.  However, when the course restarts (via a trigger), it erases all of the variables and returns them back to the default.  If I remove that trigger, the questions from the question bank are messed up even if I choose the option to return to the initial state.  Does anyone have a work around to only reset the question from the question bank without resetting the entire course?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for reaching out!

One way to reset a quiz is to do the following:

  • Set the revisit behavior for the question slides to 'Reset to initial state'.
  • Use a 'Reset Results' trigger to reset the results of your quiz and allow your learners to retake it.

I'm not sure how your quiz is designed, but if the quiz is dependent on certain variables, you may need to reset the value of those too using the 'Adjust variable' trigger.

If you'd be willing to share a copy of your project file here, I or possibly one of our talented community members might have suggestions for you.


Daniel Clark

I think I have tried both the reset to initial state as well as the resest results trigger.  Both did not solve the problem, or created other issues with the questions once the user went back and tried to start the quiz over again.


I have attached the storyline file below and would greatly appreciate any feedback or help with this.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Daniel, 

Would you mind showing me where you placed the 'Reset Results' trigger in your project file? I'd like to do a test using your project to see if the trigger would be able to successfully reset the questions in your project. Feel free to include a screenshot of exactly where you placed this trigger so I can replicate the same setup on my end.

Daniel Clark

I don’t have my computer on me so I can’t do a screenshot but I do know the trigger is on the first slide when you click the begin button it should reset the results trigger.


I thought I had it figured out as the regular multiple choice questions worked fine on the second attempt but for some reason when the questions with the hot spots came up, I could no longer click on the answer and therefore couldn’t advance forward.

Eric Santos

Hi Daniel,

I see that Joe has got you covered here! But I'd like to chime in with an approach you may also consider. It involves declaring a high_score variable to store the value of the highest score for the duration of the course. When you reset the quiz using a Reset results and Jump to Slide trigger, it is expected behavior that Storyline will reset all variables and return to the first quiz question for a fresh attempt. My recommendation is to capture the high score before resetting the results using a variable. This trigger is the key to this whole process:

high_score trigger

I prepared a Peek recording for you to explain this in detail. You may find my sample project attached for your reference.

Please note that the last attempt will be reported if you report the quiz scores to an LMS, not necessarily the highest score. If you want to send the value of the high_score variable to the LMS, you can refer to this article:

Let me know if this approach works for you. We're happy to assist further as needed!