Can't save, low on memory

Hi friends,

I've been working on a Storyline 2 project for about an hour and a half today, and I'm about to lose all of my work because it says I'm low on memory. :(

I'm working on a 32bit OS so it won't accept any more than 4GB, which I have.  I've killed every process I can, I have 1.5GB free headroom, and it still won't take!

After a search, some posts from a few years ago mention that SL can't use more than 2GB, is this still true for SL2?  If so, will switching to 64bit OS and adding more memory even help me at all?  The file is only 150mb, SL is only using 700mb RAM, and I have well over a gig of free RAM. 

WHATS THE DEALIO?  I'm about to cry, I might as well have been staring out the window for the past hour and a half.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jason, 

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you've run into - and I wanted to check which update of Storyline are you using? Update 4 dealt with a number of saving issues as detailed here although you could still look at purging your temp directory. 

Have you looked at the memory being used via task manager? 

Jason Petersen

Update 4: 1501.717

Yes I have looked, and there are weird inconsistencies.  After my restart, I've made a few edits and checked my Task Manager again.  I have more programs open now, and less available memory now, than when it wouldn't let me save.  Yet I can save right now.  I don't understand it, but it seems to happen more when the program has been open for a long time between saves.

Jason Petersen

Happened again :(

Luckily I saved about 15 minutes prior.  Hopefully the new PC will resolve this, but that's a week or two out, and I should have plenty of RAM available.  Again, I'm using up about 2GB of an available 4GB.  Storyline isn't even using a full GB at this point, but nothing I do will get my project to save.  This sucks.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jason,

I'm sorry to hear that this continues for you and if you'd like us to take a deeper look at your system and anything else that may be interfering you're welcome to connect with our Support team here.  Please also confirm that you're following along with these guidelines for saving your project files.