Can't see pictures in slide view or preview mode

Jan 04, 2021

I just opened Storyline after my holiday break, and I can't see some of the pictures on the slides I was working on before break. I can see them on the side panel, but not in slide view or in preview mode. I can see some of the pictures on some slides, but not on all. What is happening? I've closed and restarted the program twice now with no luck.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Abbigail,

It sounds like some objects have been hidden. Without seeing the file, here are my best guesses for the most likely culprits:

  • Check the Timeline panel. The eye icons in the left column indicate which objects will be visible. 

  • Check the States panel. The Initial state should be set to Normal (or another visible state).

If neither of those solve the problem, you should upload the file for troubleshooting, or contact Support.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Abbigail! Thank you for those helpful clues.

I also found a few missing images when viewing the file in Storyline 360 Update 47. Specifically, slides: 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, and 2.14. Here's a short video of the experience.

A few tactics to help us find the best way forward:

  • Does deleting the troublesome images and reinserting them back to the corresponding slides make a difference?
  • Working on a shared drive can cause blank assets and file corruption. Let's check that the file is stored on a local hard drive, and these tips can help reduce the risk of corruption.
Abbigail Kitzmiller

I was able to use the "replace image" function to get my images back.  I'm working from home on a remote desktop (my office computer). The files are being stored on the hard drive of that computer. I wasn't having this problem before the holiday break, which is strange. Is the remote desktop the problem maybe? Thanks for the video!

Katie Riggio

Hi Abbigail,

I'm glad to hear that replacing the images helped, and great follow-up question!

Is the remote desktop the problem?

Working from any external source, including remote desktops, could cause difficulties. In light of that, we recommend saving and publishing projects on a local hard drive (typically the c: drive).

For a work from home scenario, it would be best to install Storyline locally to that computer, and then copy the project files to the c: drive so that you can continue to work with minimal risk of file corruption.

Let me know if there's anything else I can answer or do to help!