Question About a Layer In Storyline 1

Jun 04, 2015

We have a picture on the slide that we can see when we preview the slide but when we look at it in development mode, it is not there.

And the vice versa also happens. On some slides we (in development mode) we can see the picture but when we preview or publish it, the picture is not there.

Any idea why?

Thanks for your help!

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Priscilla Parker

Hello Gary,

We inherited this presentation from someone else so it was in there when we got it.

What is odd is that it works perfectly fine on one computer but not on another. I can see everything perfectly but my co-worker cannot.

Also, it was working fine yesterday for her but today the issues started on her computer.


Priscilla Parker

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Priscilla,

As Gary mentioned, if the file or the image had been located on a network drive or shared drive, it could have caused issues with the files - you could try importing it into a new document as described here, or if one of you can see it, you may also want to do a "save as" to the .story file, save out the picture and reinsert it into the file to see it that resolves the behavior. 

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