can't select/edit shape text

I have a large org chart slide with many boxes with text in them. All boxes are unlocked.  When I click and/or double-click a box the box is selected but the text cursor does not appear and I can't select or edit the text in the box.  I am forced to create a slide layer then cut and paste shapes to it before I can edit the text.  Then I must cut and past the edited boxes back to the base layer. Needless to say a very cumbersome and time consuming workflow.

Why am I prevented from editing text on the base layer?   


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Ren Gomez

Hi Multimedia Group,

Thanks for sharing what you're running into in detail! It's odd that you're able to edit the box on a slide layer, but not on the base layer.

Since you mention you have many elements in the base layer, could it be that other objects are blocking you from editing? The reason I ask is that I've run into issues in the past where text boxes that had the "do not autofit" feature selected were covering other objects.

Try to drag the box to the top of the timeline and see if that helps! We're also happy to take a look if you're able to share your file with us!

Ned Whiteley

Hi MM Group,

Without seeing a copy of your Storyline file it is a bit difficult to solve the problem; however, the one thing I would check first is that there isn't a 100% transparent rectangle on top of your org chart or even each box.

If you have created the org chart yourself you would have probably figured that out already, but if you are working on a chart that was created by someone else, it's best to check. Sometimes people use transparent boxes for selection purposes and if one of these has been placed exactly on top of a box, you may appear to be selecting the box and its text, but you have in fact only selected the transparent box and so nothing underneath will be editable.

If this doesn't solve your problem, are you able to post a copy of your file here or at least a Storyline file with just the org chart in it, as that would be a big help?

Many Thanks