Can't show layers for some reason

I'm having a nightmare with this storyline 360 file. 

Basically all I want to do is when they click on 1. or any number, the question then comes up.  After the question has been submitted they are back to the menu. I want the marker on the question (it's in a layer) that corresponds to 1. to show permanently after the user answers that particular question. When they go to 2. I want it to show 2. after they have answered 2. AND number 1. 

I have only done up to question 3 as I am trying to sort out this nightmare first.

I can't seem to do it and I'm pulling my hair out!  

If you can do it, you need to explain it to me please.


Thanks so much in advance.


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Broderick Lemke

Make a variable for each page called something like 1_visited set by default to false. On the question slide, set the variable to true.

On the master navigation slide make a trigger that executes when the slide timeline starts that says if 1_visited = true show layer 1

Repeat for every page? Does that work? I'd do a peek, but it isn't opening on my computer after the update.