Can the "Volume" ONLY be shown on the specific slides?


My customers only want the Volume to be shown on certain slides, since only those specific slides have audios. For those slides without any audios, they don't want any seekbar or volume to confuse people.

It seems the answer is "NO".  In player, once selecting them, the Volume will be displayed all along the entire course. I am just asking in case you have some good suggestion. :-)

Thank you very much!!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Phoebe,

The Volume button will be displayed along the entire course, and that button can be added or removed in the Player Properties window:

The Seekbar can be shown on certain slides. You can add or remove the Seekbar from slides in the Slide Properties window:

Here's a tutorial on Adjusting Slide Properties that you mind find useful!

Tristan Hunt

My thoughts are the volume button is pretty much redundant these days anyways...  

Learners using mobile devices will default to using the up down buttons the device as they have now become accustomed to (most apps don't have volume options at all). Desktop users have the volume control also.


Phoebe Lu

Thanks Tristan for the input. Since only a few slides are with audios (most of the slides don't have), the "volume" button is kinda an "awareness" button for the customers for "listening" when reaching these slides with audios. But, for sure I just thought of another way to realize it, for example, a pop up text, telling the customers that this slide is with audio, etc. :-)

Always options there. :-)