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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andy, 

We're here for all sorts of questions - even basic ones. 😉 

1. If you were to add in a video, you could resize it like any other object, by dragging out the corners.  Keep in mind, that is going to scale the video dimensions and could make it look blurry. Here are some best practices to rely on for high-quality videos in your courses. 

2.  When you are ready to publish your course, you can choose how it'll open in a browser and if it'll scale larger. You'll see this in the player/browser settings. Changing those would allow you to open the entire course in a larger browser window and depending on your player/slide size it'll fill as much of the window as possible. 

Let me know if you need anything else - also, in case it helps here's a link to all the Storyline 2 tutorials if you wanted to bookmark it. I still refer to them daily!