Can we create a mobile app?


I know we can create a mobile app like feel in Storyline, publish it in HTML 5, and view it in a browser just like an app. But can do something as to create an app to launch that webpage? The 'installable' app need not be created through Storyline, but is there is any way to make this happen? If I want re-purpose a web-based mobile ready course into an app, what do I need to do?

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Nikodemus Wagner

You can develop an app which just launches the HTML5 site, there is a browser-feature for visual interfaces in apps, which you could use. There are millions of app development tutorials, which show you how to achive this with 100% free to use tools and no previous programming knowledge. If you do it right, the user won't even notice that you started html5 content. Google Terms like "Android Java app development tutorial" and check out following feature:


faezeh nezafat

hi zeck, i want to build a mobile app from my articulate courses. when I pulished the course with web format then I turn it to app with phonegap software, first,just half of the course you can see in mobile and then the voice of the course does'nt work.would you help me please is imergency.thanks