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Durba Bhattacharjee

Hi Michael, thanks for your response. That's a great sample you have shared. Now my questions are:

1) Is the 3D model created as a separate file (for example .obj or.fbx) and then inserted in Storyline (like we insert images, videos, audio etc)? For example, in MS Office 360, you can insert a 3D model in a PPT slide and rotate it. If yes, then I would like to know how you inserted the 3D model in Storyline.

2) Or, have you created the 3D model in Storyline using frames of images as layers and animation? Then, I am not really looking for that solution as my project requires to understand how i can insert a 3D model file in Storyline.

Durba Bhattacharjee

Ok, thats really great to know. Thanks so much for the help.

Now, I need to understand what is the file type of the interactive 3D model? And how is it embedded? Is the 3D file hosted somewhere else and then embedded as a web object?

Currently I am stuck at this point that I have .obj or .fbx files but I cant insert them in Storyline like in PPT 365.

Michael Hinze

For my example I just used the embed code for one model I liked. This is the code:

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="https://sketchfab.com/models/36e9d3598c554bb69f3d9cd00e161818/embed" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" onmousewheel=""></iframe>

This model is hosted on sketchfab, but it could also be included with the published Storyline content.

Durba Bhattacharjee

Hi Michael, my client has restrictions with internet usage. So we are exploring options to embed the files in the course, instead of hosting it to a different location. So, we are planning to generate .exe files of these 3D models. Is there anyway we can embed the .exe files in Storyline?

Durba Bhattacharjee

Thank you so much. I tried the steps, the code. I also tried to include one more 3D model from Sketchfab using the embed iFrame code from for the site, and that worked too. Thank you so much. Until I figure out how to call an exe file for a 3D model using JS from a storyline page, I'm going to use this step. Thanks a lot.

Maria Kormentza

Hi! I have a similar question.

Are there any other options in the market other than sketchfab that you are aware of? I am looking for a locally installed software/application that can export my uploaded 3D models whilst embedding some kind of viewer code, so that the models can be rotated, zoomed into etc. when viewed in an articulate package, preferably a software that can allow me to also add clickable annotations in the 3D model as well. 

Sarah Ednay

Hi, is there any update on this please? I'm currently looking around and comparing authoring software for a potential upcoming project. Basic 3D for diagrams (our own, nothing really fancy) is a requirement. I dropped out of Storyline after v2. So I can envisage doing it with states but it would be nice if it was native. If it needs an iframe I may aswell go straight into Wordpress instead or use video as we're only looking at loads of micro-content.
Be good to know what the status is so I can complete a comparisons pros/cons table before deciding on which software to trial first. I rather assumed with a name like "360" that importing 3D files natively like Powerpoint would be a given...... if it isn't, is it on a roadmap?

Ren Gomez

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for reaching out! As mentioned in our Feature Roadmap, our team is still adding features for 360 images such as tooltips, buttons, and more.

We're also currently tracking the request for 3D objects and will be sure to add your name to the list of folks that have asked for it as well. While there are no plans for implementation, we'll let you know when there are updates to share.

As mentioned above, inserting the 3D object as a web object is an alternative you could try!