Can we make the Zooming effect in Storyline slower?

May 14, 2012

Hello Friends,

I dont know if this problem was raised before and if it was answered. I have a doubt while using the storyline. I am more fascinated by the zoom region option in it. But even if I extend the zoom time to whatever duration, it seems zooming in the same pace only. can we make the zooming speed slower. Zoom to an object very slowly. That's what I need.

Any help?

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Soren J Birch

For untold reasons you still cannot make a Grow animation from a set scale % or control the speed of the Zoom Region with other than a handfuld of fixed settings that are just variations of Too Damn Fast. Instant, Speed of Light, Ludricrous Speed, Ridiculously Fast, Super Fast, and Very Fast.

How I wish I could get that kind of image control, I have to rely on After Effects for this. Why is it that I cannot define "Zoom" animation to start at scale25% and end at scale 100%? OR just give me a numerical value I can type into the Zoom Region (in seconds).

Alex Bradley

+1 from me for a highly configurable zoom control feature!

Like @Adam Bayliss, I want a very slow, gentle zoom that adds subtle movement. Not even the 'very slow' zoom option in SL360 gets close to it!  

I can't help feeling Articulate is falling behind other software when it comes to animations and transitions!