can we run articulate storyline course with any player?

Jul 31, 2015



I am working on a course with articulate storyline 2. I need to publish the course in ios, ipad and mobile device. There is no issue to publishing the course. But, when i run the file in mobile device or with out any player this course misbehave. This course in not looking as same as web version.

If we are using flash player and run story.html file then it will working fine and if we run story_html5.html file then, the course not working fine. 

And if we are not using any player and run story.html then file automatically load story_html5.html file.

I am trying to run the course without flash player. i was also try to run the course in android phone.

So, i just want some one who can help me. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vishal,

What browser are you using to view the content on your mobile devices? you'll want to make sure you're viewing the content in one of the recommended browsers here for HTML5 output. If you are and you're still running into difficulty we'll want to take a look at the course and you can share the .story file here (even just a few slides). 

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