Can you activate multiple layers timelines to play along with the base layer?

Jan 19, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm tasked with what seems a straight forward request but logically I can't figure a solution. can anyone suggest anything to the following?

I want to be able to switch between four videos in storyline via four buttons on the base layer. The four videos all have the same exact audio however the videos will vary between each. I want the user to be able to listen to the same story/audio but choose four different video styles whilst playing without interrupting the audio or restarting the story in anyway.

A good example of what i mean is, imagine It would allow you to simulate switching between four live cctv cameras in real time. 

I originally separated the audio put this on the base layer then tried four layers with a video on each. but the video then plays from the beginning once the layer is activated meaning the audio is out of sync. 


Can you activate multiple layers timelines to play along with the base layer? Or can you recommend any solutions to this? many thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully think of a solution. 


P.s I added a demo scorm course as an example.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren,

Typically sharing the .story file is a good way to get community feedback as folks can take a look at your triggers, layers, properties, etc. With that in mind, have you looked into what the layer properties are? It won't allow the user to jump to that particular point in the timeline - but you could set it up to pick up where the user left off. 

Pierre Sosa

Yes, it can be done!

Use the "move" animation to

1) move a video out of the way when a timeline starts

2) move the video in the way when a slider/button is triggered

3) move the video out of the way when a slider/button is triggered


Pierre Sosa

Igh! I'm sorry, Darren. I've just experimented, and I cannot get this result. I tried putting media on separate states, but the media replays when you switch between states. I've tried creating a counting variable, and getting the timeline of a layer to cue to the value. This is where a volume variable or trigger would be really helpful (ie. media 1 volume%=100 when variable1=true). Perhaps somebody knows some JavaScript to help fix this.