Can you add an URL hyperlink on a layer?

Mar 31, 2014

Is it possible to add an URL hyperlink on a layer and people can access the hyperlink from that layer? Our training group has ran into an interesting issue, to say the least. All three of us have the same Storyline version, version 5, and we are all on Windows 7 machines. One of us can have the hyperlinks function correctly on the layers and the other two cannot. We have tested this by creating basic Storyline files, publishing for web to our desktops and then testing on our SharePoint site.

Here is the file that is not functioning properly.

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Adam Truckenmiller

It is working for you? I verified the link and it opens correctly when I click the green check (the link is In this file I didn't mess with the layer properties, just created a new file and added a couple shapes. I'm starting to wonder if it's settings on my computer. I am testing in IE10 but it didn't work even when I changed it to IE8

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