Can you add audio by hovering over a word?


I'm creating interactive grammar cards where the words in bold are pronounced with a text to speech program. Example:

In Spanish words are either masculine or feminine: 'el teléfono' is masculine whereas 'la maleta' is feminine.

I would like the students to be able to listen to the words "el teléfono" and "la maleta" by hovering the cursor over them. Is there a practical way to do that?


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Jon Xie

Hello, Manuel, you could insert a rectangle atop the target word or phrases , in the "Format" tab, set it NoFill and No Outline, right click the rectangle and choose "Format  Shape" Menu, at the Transparency Option, set the value as 100%; set a trigger for the transparent rectangle to play media sound 1 when mouse hovered over the "laws-Rectangle"(my example). See the attached .story file.