Can you add custom icons for use on buttons?

Sep 05, 2013

When creating buttons there is the library of icons that can be added with (or without) the button's text label. It's a mini collection of "usual suspects" but doesn't always cover what I'd prefer to use. It is possible to add additional icons for use on buttons? If not, what would folks recommend for adding custom icons? Importing a transparent PNG icon and laying it on top of the button?

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Scott L

Understood, that's what it will have to be! When I see the icon ability, I think of how nice it might be to add add'l icons for that "in Storyline" editing of the size & color of the icons (sizing of imported images does seem to scale really well in Storyline). But of course, creating whatever imagery outside is certainly a tried and true practice. Thanks Michael for the notes and screen grab.

aurore austruy

Hi all !

This thread is a bit older, but I have a question about it...

When I do this manipulation, I have a problem, I want the cursor to change in hand when I hover the button, unfortunately, when I add a picture in the states of my button, the hand does not appear anymore, so the user don't know that he can click on this button.

Sorry for my english, I'm French...

If someone can help me... Thanks

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