Can you create global paragraph styles or style sheets?

May 27, 2013

Can you create global paragraph styles or style sheets?

For example, if I want to enlarge all the body copy in my course by 2 points and change it to navy blue instead of black, is there a place I can create a course-wide paragraph style that is editable, or do I have to change each individual slide?

Thanks in advance!

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Dennis Hall

Hi Andrew:

This sounds like you want to make Master Slides...

Try it:

1. Open a new project

2. Click View from the menu bar

3. Click Slide Master

4. Select the Large slide to apply Global default styles to all slides

5. Modify those things you want

6. Click a smaller slide to apply specific slide styling, add images, etc...

7. Click the Master Slide > Close Master Slide View button

8. To use a Layout, right click the Slide thumbnail to the left and select Layout

Optionally, you can save this as a story template for reuse.

This will achieve what you want.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Sonny Boyd

Not just style sheets - cascading style sheets. I am relatively new with Storyline, and I already see the lack of defining paragraph and text styles as a weak point here. If I am 90 completed with a project and someone decides they want to change the look and text of the course, how do I change them all at once. With a cascading style sheet, I make the change in one spot, and it cascades down to all of the slides using the style. Same with spacing, leading, etcetera. I am working on a project now that was "stitched together" with a lot of slides and masters from other courses and templates. There is no way to apply a text or paragraph style to get everything to look the same. This just seems like such a missing tool for those of us that are professional IDs and technical writers.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Sonny - as  a non-designer myself, I haven't always had a full grasp on this need and feature, but that explanation really helped! I know it's something a few folks have shared their thoughts on here in ELH, but also make sure to send it along as a feature request too! Those go directly to our Product team and our customers truly drive our product roadmap! 

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