Can you re-number the Scenes?

I have been working on a package which has 6 scenes, the learner can work through them in order or jump between them.

My customer has decided to move the goal posts a small amount, this means I have had to add a new scene (number 7) however I would like to be re-number the scenes - with the new one being 2 (as it forms the introduction at the beginning of the package) and the others all moving up 1 number - so that the current scene 6 will become scene 7.

Is this possible? and if so can anyone tell me how as I have been scratching my head for hours.

Many thanks in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

You'll want to check into this method described by David Anderson's on cutting and pasting (while having the previous scene selected) works best for renumbering. 

It's a little into the video, but he shows you how to cut and paste a scene so that it will show up in the position and with the number you want:

I hope that helps!