Can you show/hide a named object (not whole layer)?

Jan 24, 2014

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Question:  Can I show and hide a named object or group on a layer (not the whole layer)?


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Michael Hinze

Sure, you can. Either stagger an object along the timeline, so that it shows up and disappears at a certain time OR show/hide an object (or objects that are part of a group) based on an action, e.g. a button click, variable value or state value. here is some info on custom states for objects:

Do you have a particular interaction in mind?

Cheryl Hoover

Are there limitations to working with object hidden states and layers? As the user progresses through several layers, I want everything on the previous layer to show except an arrow on each object. I've tried using the built-in hidden state; no luck. I created a custom state and removed the object from that state; no luck. It works with the base layer only. But, when moving from layer 1 to 2 and beyond, the same setup as on the base layer doesn't hide that arrow.


Cheryl Hoover

Thanks, Leslie and Brian, for your replies. I can hide base layer objects, but the objects from the subsequent layers don't show on each timeline. In the attached, you'll see how it works perfectly with the built-in hidden state. Slide 2 didn't work with hidden, so I tried to create a new state called "Hide," and that doesn't work either.

I'm thinking maybe I have to hide other slide layers but then copy the objects I want to show into each new layer maybe?

Thanks so much for your help!

Brian Allen

Hi Cheryl, this is a situation where it looks like you're selecting the right object, but because the object you're selecting is named the same on both your base layer and slide layers it was difficult to tell.

Changing the arrow to "hidden" wasn't working because on all your slide layers you're actually selecting and hiding the arrow on the base layer, rather than the slide layer.

I removed the custom states, changed the triggers to "hidden", AND selected the arrow on the slide layer rather than the arrow on the base layer and now it works.

I've attached an updated .story file.

Brian Allen

I can't tell you how many times I've done this same thing, glad to help.

A couple of things that I've started doing to make things easier on myself in regards to this:

  1. When you're selecting the object in the trigger wizard you should see the object you're targeting become highlighted with a thick-bordered red outline, so I always look for this, AND
  2. I use slide and layer specific naming of objects to make it easier for me to select these at a glance.
Brian Allen

Hello Dakota.. it looks like you have the object hidden, that you want to use the HOVER trigger on. The problem with this is that it cannot be hovered over as long as it's hidden, so your HOVER trigger never works.

I would recommend inserting a hotspot, over top of the hidden object, and move the HOVER trigger to the hotspot.

Let me know if this helps!

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