Layer doesnt show when option for 'hide base layer' is enabled, circumstance = mouse hovered over.

Aug 18, 2016

Hello everybody,

When i want to show a layer when using a trigger with the following circumstances, the layer doesn't show up in the preview:

- action: show layer

- layer: untitled layer 1

- when: mouse hovered over

- object: picture 1

- restore on mouse leave: yes

- hide other slide layers: yes

- hide objects on base layer: yes.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks :)

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Phil Mayor

It will not work like that as you are hiding the objects on the base layer you are hiding the object that is being hovered over and the action is being restored or the layer is being closed.

To make this work with the layers you have built you either need to have the layer show on click or if you still want to keep on hover then you need to uncheck restore on mouse out.

Either way you will need to add a close button on each layers.

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