Can you upload Source Files into Storyline 360

Jan 13, 2021

Is it possible to upload source file for a course that has already created? I have multiple courses that were created previously on another platform. My issue is Adobe Flash canceling yesterday we can access any of our courses.  I need to be able to transfer them from Flash to HTML5. Is it possible without recreating the entire course?

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Andrew Pearce

Hi Brad--

Your question is a bit confusing. Are you talking about courses previously built in Storyline that you no longer have access to the original .STORY files? If so, and all you have is the published files on your LMS, you will likely have to rebuild them. There is no process I know of for moving backwards from published files, to a working copy of a course in Storyline.

If you are talking about courses built in another tool entirely, like Walt said,  that also is not going to happen. If I'm misreading your question entirely, I apologize.