Cannot change the order of triggers..

Sep 21, 2023


I've been attempting to change the order of my triggers, as you can see in the screenshot provided below. I have tried dragging and dropping the triggers in the desired order using the three dots on the side, but they don't move. The grey "Up and Down" arrows are fully greyed out... Is this a bug from Articulate, or am I missing something?

Please advise.

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Tom Kuhlmann
  • Picture 2 moves when clicked.
  • Picture 1 changes states when Pic 2 exits (I assume at the end of the timeline)
  • Text box hides when Pic 2 motion completes. 

The trigger order can't be changed because of the triggers and what triggers them.

Why are you trying to change the trigger order? Is there something you are trying to accomplish?


Walt Hamilton

I agree with Tom. All your triggers fire as the result of different actions, so no two of them can happen at the same time. Therefore, the order in which they appear doesn't matter. If the actions are not happening in the order you want, you need to change the "When ..." part of the triggers. Otherwise, it's best to let SL have its own way. It's organizing them in the way that works best for it.