Cannot stop web objects from playing after clicking previous button or moving to a different slide

I have a  branching presentation that has web objects/animation.

Please note that the web objects here are in draft. My concern is how to stop them from  playing after the user clicks a back button or previous.

I've tried putting these animations in lightboxes and linking to them, but I still get the same issue. After I hit back or previous, it plays the first few seconds of the animation on the slide that I was just on.

Is there some logic or programming I should  add to stop this?

Also, I can't select  pause media because web object is not an option.



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Natalie Kilkenny

Thanks for your help Wendy. Really  do appreciate i t. Curious to know how you altered the file. Maybe it will lead to solving this mystery.

The Animations are playing fine, but there's still a "ghost playing" of the first bit (first few seconds) of the previous animation when I hit the next or previous buttons or navigate to a different slide.

See the image I've attached.

Not sure why this is happening. It's never happened before. I also tried rebuilding this from scratch in a new version. Still the same thing.