Caption speech bubble problems

Jan 26, 2020

I'm having issues with my caption bubbles moving and changing sizes when i preview them. They are lined up where I want them and are the correct size in my timeline.

Has anyone else had this issue? 

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Mat!

Thank you for keeping us updated with your findings. I'm having some trouble recreating any oddities with the caption bubble in a fresh Storyline 360, Update 36, file. Here's a short video of my test.

Would you mind sharing a sample slide with me or walking me through the steps so I can take a closer look? You can share the .story file publicly here, or send it to me privately by using this upload link

I'm keen to dig deeper!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Mat!

I see how the sizing appears very different in both Preview and Published output. Have you changed the settings in the Player Properties to lock the player at an optimal size? Also if you resize the browser, does the caption size change? 

Here's where you can change the browser settings in the Player Properties.

Alena Ayers

Hi Lauren

I am experiencing a similar issue within a course. On preview in Storyline 360 the speech bubble/caption is showing a full border. When I view the published course on SCORM Cloud the speech bubble/caption loses its border. This is a large course (79 slides) and this problem is appearing sporadically throughout the course. I have checked the player settings and it is not set to lock the player at an optimal size. Please see screenshots attached.

Any help gratefully received as this course is currently being piloted with the client.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Alena!

I'm happy to help! If you change the Player to Lock at Optimal Size, that should do the trick.

Here's where to change that setting:

If you want to share the file to get another set of eyes on the project, feel free to either attach it to this discussion or share the file using this private upload link. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Alena,

Thanks for following up! I did find a suggestion mentioned in this discussion here to check if you have the Use Modern Texts option selected under the Design->Fonts section.

If you disable it, does it help with your published output?

Since you're almost at the finish line here, you can also feel free to connect with a support engineer to lend you a hand with nailing down the cause of the caption cutoff.

Share your file with us.

Laura Stuart-Berry

Hi, I have a similar but slightly different problem with speech bubbles in Storyline 360. I'm using a Mac via Parallels Windows emulator.

I have an interactive where the speech bubbles:

  • look fine in edit
  • in preview they move left (covering the character) and the text narrows
  • when published via Review 360 and when added to Rise 360 as a Storyline block they look closer to the edit position and text but the right-hand side of the speech bubble cuts off obscuring some of the text. Viewed in Chrome and Edge, both on Windows and Mac systems. Weirdly they look fine when viewed through IE on a Windows system.

I have 4 images like this with different speech bubbles in the interactive and all of them have exactly the same issue. I've disabled Use Modern Texts and tried the Lock at Optimal Size option but no change. Can you help please?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Laura!

Thank you for sharing those screenshots! It's helpful to see what you're noticing on your end.

We'll need our Support Engineers to help with this one. They'll dig into the file to determine what is causing the snag. Would you mind uploading the .story file to us? Here's a private upload link.

Nicole Foti

I was advised by Articulate to fully recreate my slides, but I'm also having the issue on the new project that I'm making. The words are no longer cut off but the speech bubbles (captions) that are left justified do not stay in place. They move left to cut off other images. 

At this point, I need to finish the project for my employer. Is there something else you would recommend to use instead of captions? 

Alena Ayers

Update on the issue I was experiencing...apologies I finished this course and forgot to report back! I found that this issue was when I copied a speech box from another slide and then used the flip or rotate button in the top navigation bar. That's when the speech bubble cut off on publish. To fix this, instead of flipping the speech bubble to get the little arrow in the right place to point towards the character's mouth, I would select the little yellow box on the arrow on the speech bubble and drag it around to the correct side for the character. This seemed to fix everything. So basically - only ever use the little yellow box to get your arrow for your speech box in the right place. DO NOT USE flip or rotate in the navigation bar. Hope that helps!

Alena Ayers

No - I didn't have any justification issues. I was just losing one side of the box. It looked fine in preview in Storyline but happened when I published. It only happened on the boxes that I had flipped or rotated. Once I inserted them again and just moved the arrow to the correct position using the yellow box I didn't have an issue any more. Not sure if this will help with your justification issue but might be worth a try?

Laura Stuart-Berry

Alena you are a life saver! This problem has been bugging me and causing me to have to do a lot more extra work. The Articulate team have been helpful and have fixed files for me, but their suggested fix of redrawing the speech bubbles never worked when I did it. Plus suggesting people to just redo work is not a longterm workable solution when this looks like a bug. Using your solution I've also found that I don't have to redraw the bubbles I already have. I just flip them back to where they were originally and then drag the yellow marker and it works. Much better than having to redraw/resize and format multiple bubbles all over again. This is a fantastic Christmas present - thank you!