Caption text colour displaying wrong

Nov 04, 2012


I am currently working on a slide where I have inserted a speech bubble caption. I've entered text within the caption, and have tried to select colour 'white', both by selecting all text and choosing white from the palette in the mini pop-up box inside the caption, and by choosing white in the home tab up top.

In 'edit' view, the text shows as white however when I preview, it turns to black for some reason.

Any ideas?



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Zane Love

Hi Peter

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately I keep receiving a 404 error when attempting to attach file and too big for email.

I think I've found the source of the problem - the slide I was working on was a duplicate of another. The original contained some black text originally. I removed this, and the text box, from the copy, inserted a new caption, and pasted the text, then changed font colour to white.

It seems like the copied slide inherited the font colour from the original, and the preview doesn't recognise that I changed it. I created a brand new slide and replicated the caption, copied and pasted, and now the preview is behaving as it should.

So problem solved for now, but I'm interested to know if this is a limitation with Articulate regarding duplicated material?



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