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Jun 16, 2014

I am using layers in a Try mode sequence and trying to reset the timing of the Hint Caption. I want the caption to show until the user clicks the hotspot. Instead, the caption shows unitl the end of the Hint Caption layer. In short, I want the caption to presist until the user clicks the hotspot. Do captions have a built-in property to display only until the end of the layer timeline?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marielle,

I may not be understanding what you'd like to do - the caption as you showed it is set to be shown until the end of the timeline. Did you record this as a screen recording or did you set up these captions yourself? If as a screen recording, the hint captions and their behavior are driven by what you choose when inserting the screen recording as described here: 

 You can insert the screen recording again to change the behavior. 

marielle paul-fortin

It's not easy for me to explain in english lol !

I make a record of my screen and I changed a lot of things like triggers and caption.

Currently, when I cheek my demo I have a problem with the captions. It hidden when the timeline ends.

The good trigger is Jump to the next slide, when the user clic on the hotspot. I don't want the trigger Hide Caption when the user clic on the hotspot.

I hope you understand :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marielle,

Thanks for sharing that file here. It looks like it's only the first slide in the second scene, correct and you've inserted this in view mode? Within view mode, there isn't an option to change the caption behavior or callouts - but most of your other slides are set to jump to the next slide when the timeline ends, not when the user clicks as in that first slide? Would changing that trigger solve the problem you're experiencing? As than the image would stay on the slide through the timeline's end, and then the user would be brought to the next slide. 

marielle paul-fortin


I have some probleme with the other slide (2.2,2.4,2.5,2.7), I want When the user writhe the good anwser the slide jump to the next. But I can't do this trigger ? Can you help me on that to ?

If's I can chage de behavior or callout form a view mode, it's possible for me to change de view mode for normal slide ?

It's is possible to "chat" with you in real time ?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marielle,

Unfortunately I don't have the ability to chat in real time. If you'd prefer, you could connect with our Support engineers and if you have a Platinum membership plan they can offer live support. 

In regards to the trigger you mentioned, in view mode - the user is not prompted to enter in the information, but you'd see that type of trigger in try it or test mode of a screen recording. You could also create your own trigger on a text entry to jump to the next slide when the text entry loses focus (meaning the user clicks outside the text entry or uses the enter key to submit it) and the value is equal to X. 

I'm not sure what you mean in regards to changing it from view mode to a normal slide - if you just wanted to have the screen shot elements and no interactivity you could recreate that manually, but there isn't an option to remove the interactivity or the mouse movements. 

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