Captions not appearing on first pass

Oct 29, 2020

Hi all,

I have a course that we've translated into a different language, but have left the audio in English. I have translated closed captions, and have added a trigger to set Player.DisplayCaptions to true at the start of the slide. When a user first opens the course, the CC button in the player is highlighted, but no captions display. If the video is restarted, captions display. I've added "fallback" triggers to set Player.DisplayCaptions to true at 2, 5, and 10 seconds, but it doesn't help. Has anyone experienced this? If so, were you able to resolve it? Ideally, captions would display the first time a user opens the course.

Thank you!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Monfer!

Sorry, you're running into the same issue. We're happy to help! Since this is an error happening with a specific file, it would be best to look at the .story file. Please use this secure upload link to share your file with our Support Engineers. After looking at the project, they'll reply with their findings via email.

Wanda Blackett

Yes, I have already set it up to display captions to true on the first slide.  The issue doesn't come up every time - maybe only about 20-30% of the time that I'll have a slide come up where the captions don't work - even toggling on/off the caption button doesn't work.  But, if I refresh the web page, or if I go back a slide and then return to the slide, the captions will work.  

Jose Tansengco

Hello Matthew, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into this behavior. 

I'd like to test how the captions in your course behavior in different environments to see if this will help isolate the cause. Would you be willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can take a closer look at what's happening?

I'll be testing your course in SCORM Cloud, Amazon S3, and Review 360.

We'll delete it when we're done testing!

Paul Day

Any updates on this issue recently? Happening to me using Storyline current as of early-mid May version.  Video not a layer, display captions triggered to slide start, sometimes for some peoplke some language version show it correctly some don't. not consistent across Testers, language versions. any help appreciated!

Jose Tansengco

Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear that you ran into this behavior. The bug associated with this ELH post has already been marked as fixed, and I can see that users who encountered this behavior recently only ha LMS specific issues. 

Would you mind testing how your course behaves in a different LMS like SCORM Cloud to see if this is also the case for you? 

If you are able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud, open a case with our support team here so we can provide additional assistance.