Capture data from multiple results slides with completion based on last result slide

Jan 27, 2023

I have a CBT with 3 sections. Each section has a pre-test and a final assessment. We want to capture all the question level data from each section, but we want completion to be based solely on the results of the section 3 final test. I can't figure out a way to do this. It will always base completion off the first results slide that completes. This would be the first pre-test in section 1 and that won't work. Is there a way to rearrange when the results slides are sent to the LMS? In other words, could I wait until the section 3 final test was completed, send that to the LMS, and then send the others so we have the data? We're on SumTotal 18.3 and Full Edge as the browser.

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John Morgan

Hi James,

Thanks for asking about this! You can have more than one results side in a course but only one results slide can be reported to the LMS. You can choose which Results Slide gets reported in the Results Tools - Design tab. Here are the steps!

  1. In Story View, click on your Results slide
  2. Click the Results Tools - Design tab
  3. Click the LMS/LRS Tracking button
  4. Click LMS
  5. Uncheck the Report to an LMS box

Here's a picture of the box.

I hope this clears things up!

James Jordan

I can report more than one results slide to the LMS, but the problem is that the first results slide that is visited will be reported. This ends up being the pre-check which they will most likely fail. Is there a way to make the last results slide, out of 6 results slides, be the one that completion is based on?

Jose Tansengco

Thanks for the clarification!

Only one score can be registered in an LMS, so having multiple 'submit results' triggers that you'd like to activate will conflict with the information that is sent and registered. Unfortunately, the first 'submit results' trigger that is activated will be the results that are sent to the LMS if you are tracking using the 'When the learner completes a quiz'. 

I'll leave this to our talented community to see if any of them have encountered a similar design situation. I'm sure some of them will have workarounds that they're willing to share! 

James Jordan

Thank you Joe. If it was the last results slide that registered completion it would be perfect. I'm sure there are a lot of situations where people want to see how much the student learned by capturing pre and post assessments in the same CBT. Ideally, if they pass the pre-test they don't have to do the CBT and it exits with completion and a score. If they don't pass the pre-test they take the content and then the post-test. If they pass the post-test it completes for them and exits. If they don't pass the post-test we let them retry the post-test until they do. This scenario would not only capture both tests data, but provide the flow we really want for the learner. Anyone else out there need the same thing?