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Dennis Hall

Hi Dar:

Web forms (such as a custom email form) need to have form processors.

It is best to seek the assistance of a web developer to help you develop (or modify) the email processor.

Here is a link discussing this for Articulate Quizmaker, however, this process is also applicable to sending variable values from Storyline or any other web based form.


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Dennis Hall

Victor Madison

I have the same issue with the user fill out a registration form and then sending it via email to me using storyline 2.  I have seen a lot of pieces and parts to this as well as references to java scripts that have no installation instructions.  I hoped there would be a completed version that could be DOWNLOADED and modified to fit my needs but there is nothing out there (that I can find) after 3 years. Frustrating!

I will just have to ask the users to send me an email with the info I need.