Capturing learner responses

Hi. I was not quite sure how to search for this before posting a question so if this covered elsewhere on a forum, apologies for the re-post.

Situation: I have a slide that sort of looks like a questionnaire, where the learner is asked to check off items that pertain to them. I used the check box button and next to each check box is text. So if the question was what are your favorite colors and there are 10 options, a learner could check red, green, yellow.

What I want to do: I would like to capture the information that they have checked and give it back to them on a slide later on in the course. That slide will also have other information. So that later slide would have red, green, yellow already on the screen plus a new list of things to check off. 

The ultimate goal will be that the learner can print a document with all of their selections. 

I have a programmer colleague who can help with java script which would certainly be part of the answer but I think I am most interested in finding out how I could capture the red, green, yellow on a later slide.

Thanks for any ideas (or letting me know it cannot be done.)  I am still navigating my way around variables so I am not quite sure how to tap into that to find the answer.


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Michael Hinze

One option is to use variables, that are set based on which option (color) is selected. You can then use the variables any which way you want/need to and display specific information or which choices have previously been made. Based on your color selection scenario, I created this simple example that hopefully gets you started.

Jodi Sperber

Great timing - I had a similar question today. In my case, however, I'm looking to capture free text responses as the learner walks through an exercise, and then plug these responses into a final document for the learner to print or email to themselves. Sort of like a mad libs set up.

Is this possible?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jodi,

Welcome to the community.

Attached is a pretty bare bones example:

3 slides, 1 question on each slide, 1 "text entry" on each slide for Learners to respond.

4th slide: compiles the 3 answers.

Done with text entry variables. Here's a link to an Articulate tutorial: Adding Data Entry Fields

Please shout out with any question!