Capturing text entry in a word document

May 29, 2013


In Articulate storyline I am capturing entering text into a word document. The text entry screen where I am simply typing '2013' into a word document, is blank on the slide and when i type in 2013 it does not recognise the text entry so will not move to the next slide.

How do I get it to capture the word document in the text entry screen( so it is not a blank white oage) and how do i ensure it recognises when i have typed in '2013'??

Thanks Mark

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Jesse Cabaniss

Here's what I did:

1. Insert>Data Entry>Text (I suppose you could use "number")

2. Make sure it is only one line tall. In other words, make it a long rectangle, not a square. If the text box is more like a square with multiple lines, it interferes with "enter" moving things along.

3. Creating the text entry box automatically creates a trigger that will adjust a variable to be the value of whatever the user types in there.

4. Create a trigger that advances the user to the next slide when the enter key is pressed with the condition that the data entry box variable is whatever you want it to be, in the case, 2013. Here is a screenshot of that trigger:

As far as advancing the slide without hitting enter, I'm not sure is that's possible. Maybe someone else has an idea how to do it, but I would have to experiment a few things to see if it's possible.

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