Case of the Missing Buttons

Hello all!

So, I've got a storyline presentation with tabs/buttons along the left-hand side. I've got them as hyperlinks from one slide to another with a hover state - nothing else.

However, I noticed that while everything works fine if someone clicks the button once - the button will disappear all together if clicked twice. Here's a screen cap to show this in action.

This is huge problem for me - any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jamie!

Thanks for the screencast! However, I couldn't see the timeline in the video. Are the buttons grouped together? If they are, it can cause a few issues.

Here's some more information (it can be found in this knowledge base article):

If you group buttons, check boxes, or radio buttons together, these interactive objects will not function properly when you preview or publish your Storyline content.

In order for triggers to work properly, interactive objects like buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons must not be grouped together.

If you've grouped any of these objects together, here are three ways you can ungroup them:

  • Select the grouped object, and press CTRL+SHIFT+G.
  • Right-click the grouped object, scroll to Group, and select Ungroup.
  • Select the grouped object. Go to the Home tab, click the Arrange button, and select Ungroup.
Jaime McCall


 They were moved from slide to slide by CTRL clicking all of them, copying them, and pasting them over. That doesn't group - correct? Grouping takes CTRL clicking them all, then right clicking and selecting that option?

I haven't touched the timeline for any of the slides since I want viewers to proceed at their own pace. Would a screencast with timeline shown help?

Just let me know! Thanks so much

Jamie Morgan

Hi Jaime,

This is Jamie.  =-) Your issue is that you have triggers on the buttons that you don't need. You can delete the "change state of button" triggers on all the tab buttons. In the button's states, you have a Hover state already programmed. By default, Storyline will automatically change the button to that state when the mouse is hovered over it. Your trigger is duplicating this action, which I think it what is causing the problem. I deleted a few of those triggers and it no longer had the issue you described.

Jamie Morgan

No problem. The beauty of the built-in button states is that you don't need to program triggers to change the state of the button as those built-in states have it already programmed in. The only time you would need to add a trigger is if you want something to happen when the button is rolled over, clicked, etc.

For instance, let's say you wanted additional text to display when the learner rolls over a button. In that case, you could do one of 2 things:

1)  The one I recommend - add the text inside of the hover state on the button itself. Keep in mind that you can add graphics, text, etc. to any state. Therefore, the pre-programmed hover state would also show the text box and you would not need any additional triggers.

2)  Add a text box to your screen and set the state to be hidden. Then, add a trigger to your button that says to change the state of the text box to normal when the user mouses over the button.

Hope that additional information and example helps explain the build-in states and when you'd actually need to add a trigger.