cc in Storyline 3 - must use video?

Jun 08, 2017

I have existing narration audio and the text I wish to use for cc. In Storyline 2 I built a cc solution using a text variable and triggers... From what I can tell the new cc functionality requires me to convert my audio to video, use a service to create the cc text and then import both files. I'm not sure this is easier than what I currently have...  Has anyone struggled with this issue?


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Brian Bell

Thanks Ashley! Unfortunately however my audio isn't importing into the powerpoint mp4 and I've tried both mp3 and wav formats. I've investigated this on the web and think I'm doing the export properly. Is there a key step required other than importing the wav, setting it to play automatically, adding an image to the slide and then exporting to mp4?

matt thorne

I use Camtasia to accomplish this:

1. Put the audio track into Camtasia

2. Use speech-to-text to generate the captions

3. Clean up the text/time codes

4. Export an SRT file.

5. With the Audio track and SRT file having the same file name and located in the same directory, I add the audio track to Storyline, which automatically associates the SRT file with the audio track.

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