When to use captions in 360

Apr 07, 2017

I've been looking through the tutorials on the new closed caption feature for Storyline 360. I have a project where there will be videos on screen and some audio/narration with graphics. Does the CC work for both or only the video? If it's only for video it seems easier to use the CC method I used with SL2 (custom CC button to launch text in a layer). Can someone advise me which method I should be using?


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Vanessa M

Here's a little more detail about my problem.

I’ve been playing around with 360 and have built my next interface with it. I wanted to poll everyone-anyone about the CC button, the new one. So, I know how to have a CC button the SL2 way (with a trigger and a layer that shows with scrollable text). The next CC button, at first glance seems to be for videos because you have to import .srt file with the mp4 file.

Now here’s my problem - every slide will have narration, this is just an audio file with visual graphics, a couple with have videos. So the question is will this new CC button work for narration/audio only or only video files? If it only works for video I’m thinking I will use the SL2 method with video transcripts available in the resources area. If it works for any and all audio then I should figure out how to use the 360 CC button.

Thoughts? Who has tried this?

Vanessa M

Hi Michael,

You may be just the hero I need, fingers crossed. I have played around with the cc function. I have it working in video and audio. Here the problem:

- in video - the user can pause, rewind

I have many slides with audio only, a narrator's voice (instructional text perhaps). It seems I can create a .srt file and have done so as a test on my end. The issue is I want the text to be scrollable, maybe 3 lines visible at a time. I can adjust the timecode so it stays on the slide for quite a while BUT I want a scroll bar. If anyone on your team knows how to do this could you let me know? The reason for this is, videos are user driven because they can be paused/rewind. With lines and lines of audio and if it flies by too quickly the user can’t rewind. I am trying to create as accessibility-compliant as possible.

In SL2 I would have had the CC box as scrollable,  not sure what to do with this new CC function. I expect there could be some special coding to give a scrollbar and only make the CC black box a certain height.

Ideas? Please, please!!! Here is a sample audio file to play with and a couple story files with srt files embedded.


P.S. found this forum on scrollable srt files, a possible solution?



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