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Nov 01, 2013

There are some very good posts about creating CCs for audio and video. Here's my dilemma:

  1. I have a video I grabbed from YouTube. Old film clip. I want to have CC show a bottom of page.
  2. I can create CC that works fine. (Thanks to post from Steve Flowers - )
  3. HOWEVER (of course that was coming), when I use scrubber for video and go back to a prior point in clip, the CC doesn't adjust because it's not synced with the time line.
  4. Is there a way to do that?


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Third Term

Hi Ken,

Actually solving this CC issue it´s very simple.

You have your Video inserted on the main timeline. The CC must be synced with the video on the main timeline as well.

You have to be sure that:

- Show video controls is turned OFF in video properties.

- Video is not clickable (to avoid this you can place a transparent shape over it) 

Now when using the scrubber on the seekbar, CC will adjust and be synced with your video. This solves the adjustment issue.

Now let´s see how to show them/hide them.

It´s not a matter of showing/hiding the CC but showing/hiding a shape that shows/hide the CC.

Let´s suppose you have a white background for CC.

Place a button, set it to show/hide a white shape over the CC area, now you have that ON/OFF effect.

Please contact me if you need further information, I can do a demo for you in case you need it.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

Also, if you're using a YouTube video, it may already have the ability to use closed captions - or if you created it there, to add them to the YouTube video. If you only need Flash output, you can use the information below to set up additional parameters for YouTube videos inserted as Web objects:

The cc_load_policy parameter determines whether closed captions will be displayed by default in the YouTube video or not. The cc_load_policy parameter accepts the following value:

  • 1 means you want existing closed captions to be displayed by default

Note: The cc_load_policy parameter only displays existing captions in the YouTube video. You must first addcaptions to the video through your account at You can only add captions to videos you own. (If you don't own the video you're embedding, the cc_load_policy parameter will only display captions if the owner has already added them to the YouTube video.) For instructions on adding captions to YouTube videos, see HOW TO: Add Captions To Your YouTube Videos, which describes two methods.

Stanford Kekauoha

Hey Ken,

A little late here, but hopefully someone can find some use from this.

There is a fairly easy way to add CC to a video and have it sync up with your seekbar. I was in a situation where I needed a seek bar with the video and there seemed to be no solutions to:

1. Have CC sync up with Video
2. Have a way to scrub video back and forward
3. Toogle CC on and off

There were plenty of resources on how to do each individually but I could not find anything on how to piece it all together.

Here is a screenr for the solution I found, along with the transcript tutorial.


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