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Jul 11, 2012

I would like to create a self-paced module that will end with a quiz. Students will have to obtain a certain pass rate (80%), but if they don't, they can go back and re-take the quiz. I want them to be able to print a "Certificate of Completion" after successfully completing the module and quiz. I have figured out how to create a "results" slide that can be printed by students, but I have 2 questions:

1. Is there an option to allow students to email the results to an instructor?

2. Is there a way to allow students who successfully completed the quiz to get to a slide with a "certificate of completion" that they can print off?

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Justin Grenier

Hi, Virginia.

There's an awesome thread here on emailing quiz results to the instructor.

Brian and Justin put together a nice KB Article on the topic of certificates of completion--hope it helps!  Gabe also posted an older Blog entry on the topic, but his method is more technical, and I'm not 100% certain that it applies fully to Storyline.

Larry Huff

Hey Virginia.  Here I am a year later wondering the same thing.  I am the first to use Storyline at my college, and have been tasked to show how it could be useful for faculty professional development.  So I am going to create an intro to google+ with an assessment at the end.  I would like for it to print out a nice certificate of completion.  Did you find a good solution?

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Katie.

The instructions and video demonstrations in this article pertain to Quizmaker, but the same method also works for Storyline.  After publishing your Storyline project, find the report.html file in the story_content folder of the published output.  Also, be aware that Articulate doesn't provide support for this method.

Beth Cougler Blom

I've got a fillable pdf that is a printable certificate of completion. Is it possible to set a trigger on a button (which links to the pdf certificate) at the end of the course that shows up only if learners have viewed a certain number of slides in the course? If so, how would I set such a trigger?

I was thinking that I could set the initial state of the button to hidden and set a trigger on the button to change state to normal if the variable of project.slidesviewed was equal or greater to a certain number. But it won't let me save that trigger. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

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