Certificate of Completion access


I was wondering if it is possible to ensure that the individuals doing the training we have created can only print the certificate of completion if they have viewed all of the slides rather than just skipping to the last slide of the training.

If not in Storyline 1, is this a new feature in Storyline 2?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Heather, and welcome to Heroes!

You can track the courses based on the number of slides viewed. You can set this to however many you need your users to view for completion.

Under Publish to LMS, click on Reporting and tracking, then under tracking you can set the number of slides you need your user to view.

Let us know if you need anything further.

Heather Marrison

Thank you! So this means that they may be able to print the certificate of solution even if they have not completed the course but can not technically complete the course unless they have viewed the number of slides you designate?

If I were to make a quiz, is it possible to completely alter the results slide to look like a certificate of completion so that the slide will only appear if they answer a certain number of questions right?

Emily Ruby

Hello Heather,

Any certificate of completion will have to be added through the LMS you are using sinceArticulate apps don't currently support certificates of completion. You will set those up within the LMS, and can set the tracking of the course to make users complete an X amount of slides before moving on in the LMS.

If you re not using an LMS, you can look for information here.

As far as using a results slide, you can use the blank template and add custom images or text that you need, to resemble a certificate. If you use this with the "allow user to print results" they will be able to print the results after completing the quiz questions, not the full course.

You could add one results slide at the end of the course, meaning it would be the final slide they can view before exiting.