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Deirdre Waters

Thanks Peter!  That's a definite solution but adds a level of comprehension complexity that could confuse some of my target users (we design for public consumption).  Sites like Classmarker.com have more elegant solutions. I wonder about quizmaker. Would it help to use this software and import or is the capability the same as storyline?  Thanks again for your help. d

Deirdre Waters

Sure.  They allow for a single submit button but provide a universal settings that gives the user certain permissions like the ability to go back and change answers before the end of the time limit/ last question submitted.  As the user takes the quiz they can pull up an image of questions already answered. This is extremely helpful when the stakes are high as in a certification exam and mimics some of the benefits of pencil and paper. d

Peter Anderson

Thanks, D

We can get one step closer by confirming that users are ready to submit their answers, and including a trigger that would take them back to the beginning of the quiz. 

The tricky part would be showing a visual cue as to which questions were not answered, but if you were to break the test up into smaller sections, that might not be such a time concern. 

I'll keep brainstorming :)