Change a multiple choice question to a multiple response question without rebuilding the slide

Aug 17, 2017

When building a quiz (in a SL2 scene, insert new slide, select graded question - not in quiz maker and not freeform) is there a way to change the question type without having to rebuild the slide?  For example.  I created a graded, multiple choice question and need to change it to a graded, multiple response question.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lynn

try this

highlight the mc radio buttons right click and turn off button set. If this doesn't work this method won't work - if it does

add two buttons offstage : correct and incorrect - use these in form view to make the selection.


Add triggers to change state of offstage correct button to selected when user clicks submit button on condition (add in the correct responses) and then add another trigger to change state of incorrect button to selected when user clicks submit on condition the correct button is not = selected


Evelyn Frankovich

Are multiple response questions no longer an option in Storyline 360?  I have followed the video above, but when I get to the point where you should click on graded questions, to add the type of question that I need (0:45 sec) I do not see the "Built In Graded Questions" options at the very top.  I only show a very limited number of templates based on my template style.

A search of the internet in general, you tube or Articulate has not yet shown me anything that matches what I have to work with.  Thanks! 

Alden Michels

For those with the same problem:

1) choose the question format that you want

2) in a new slide, choose the question type that you want

3) apply the layout (see the helpful video above to find the corresponding one, it is not intuitive)

4) adjust the layout so that it looks similar to the original question format 

5) copy this slide for future multiple response questions for which your theme has no set format.  

This is not a simple workaround.   


Wendy Farmer
Alden Michels

That is hardly the same template,

That is Vigor template I'm not sure what you mean? If you are expecting to see the images and radio buttons etc that's not going to happen, the master has placeholders and text styles.

If it helps, what I do is download the template into the file, use one of the slides as it appears in the story file then duplicate it and change the contents.

Evelyn Frankovich

Thank you so much!  Walking through it with you allowed me to figure out where I went wrong.  My problem had been that I was not getting (seeing) the "Build in Graded Questions".  I could only see slides for the themes in use by my project.  I did not realize I could (and should) unhighlight them so that I could see EVERYTHING.  Yes, this is my very first project and I am still trying to figure it all out.

Shawn Connelly

Am I missing something here?
Coming from both the Lectora and Camtasia worlds, I might* be really disappointed to learn just how tedious it seems to change from one question format to another. 

For my example, 
I have a question that is Multiple Response, and I wish to change it to Multiple Choice. This should be a very trivial change, but I still don't know how it's done.

With respect to Alyssa Gomez' gif tutorial, I don't understand. Multiple Choice bullets should/must be circles, not squares. Your demonstration may restrict other selections but it's potentially confusing to the learner who expect to see a different bullet. 

In another thread, I was told that I can convert a Multiple x question to True/False by removing all but two selections, unfortunately, that doesn't work. 


* "might" meaning that I might not know enough. I am still at a beginner level with Storyline 3. Forgive me for my stupidity. :) 



Wendy Farmer

Hi Shawn

industry standard

radio buttons indicate to a user one selection from multiple options

checkboxes indicate to a user more than one selection from multiple options

Button sets are applied to True False and Multiple Choice question types to restrict the user to select only one option.

Yes you can change the MR to TF question type but you would need to select both options >right click and select button set to restrict the selection to one...but again the checkboxes are a visual indicator of more than one response is accepted - Alyssa was pointing out the industry standard and by changing it may confuse a user.


Shawn Connelly

Hi Wendy,

> radio buttons indicate to a user one selection from multiple options

> checkboxes indicate to a user more than one selection from multiple options

Sorry about my inarticulate post. I'm not sure where my brain was when I wrote, "should/must be circles, not squares." 

But your response was exactly what I meant. 

Alyssa Gomez' gif tutorial seems to demonstrate converting a Multiple Response question into a Multiple Choice question, but the checkboxes remain, rather than changing over to the correct radio buttons, as expected with a Multiple choice question ("one selection from multiple options").

Best regards.

Shawn Connelly

I just received a request to modify a few Multiple Choice questions to a Multiple Response questions. The only change was the addition of one more question option.

Sure, it's easy enough to set Button Set to none - to allow more than one selection, but the selection buttons remain incorrectly and confusingly as Radio buttons. Is there an easy way to change the buttons to checkboxes?

I realize that Storyline 3 is probably an end of life product, but I surprised that this hasn't been a bigger issue with eLearning authors. It really should be trivial to convert the question format.


Alison  L.

WHOA. And also seems like the any way you try to Insert Slides does give you the visual screen and text underneath of "Built-In Graded Questions" and Built-in Survey questions ? I can't just add a MULTIPLE RESPONSE question type, and then add a layout template? Heck I don't care if I can't do a layout template, at this point I'm just trying to make a multiple RESPONSE question !


Alison  L.

Oh.  So I think because I had previously used the Content Library, and had the Theme set to LIGHT, the next time I SLIDES --> Graded Question it kept the "Light" theme and the "Built In Graded Questions" did not show up. 

Light theme only question slides

SO if you are finding yourself here wondering up changing Multiple Choices to Multiple Responses, I don't think you can that. 

BUT, what you can do is Slides (tab) --> "Graded Question" AND make sure your template filters (down along the shaded left side) are all DEselected. Then the Built In Graded Questions (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill-in-the-blank, etc etc) will be at the very top !

make sure left filters are DEselected!

I hope this saves someone some time down the road.