Change a multiple choice question to a multiple response question without rebuilding the slide

Aug 17, 2017

When building a quiz (in a SL2 scene, insert new slide, select graded question - not in quiz maker and not freeform) is there a way to change the question type without having to rebuild the slide?  For example.  I created a graded, multiple choice question and need to change it to a graded, multiple response question.

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Paula Obrien

This is totally ridiculous. Even Captivate lets me change question types on the fly (other than T/F). Can you please post the link to feature request for me? I have a lot to say about the amount of time I'm wasting on this because like some of the previous posts, the simple answer to change the button set doesn't work because there's only 1 button set listed and now I have to go find a new template, format it to match my theme and then make the change. It's super frustrating.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Paula!

Absolutely, here is the link to submit a feature request! I'll make sure to share it with our Engineers once we receive it. The demo that Crystal created wasn't recorded using Flash, so it might be something else that is getting in the way. I just viewed the demo using Chrome, and it loaded as expected. Have you tried using a different browser?