Storyline - feedback not an option

Mar 21, 2023

I'm creating a quiz in storyline and a few things in the design bar (in slide view) and the question bar (in form view) are not what I'm seeing in the training videos.  I can't assign points or give feedback by choice, only by question.  What am I doing wrong?  (trying to do this with a multiple response graded question)

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Judy Nollet

Multiple-choice questions do allow for assigning scoring "By Choice" and giving feedback "By Choice." 

Multiple-response questions only allow scoring and giving feedback "By Question." That's how the program is set up. 

This post explains how to create a custom question slide that gives partial credit on a multiple-response question: 

If you want to give feedback based on the user's answers, you could use variables to track their answers. Then, on the Incorrect layer, show different feedback text based on their answers. For example, that could be done using different states for the default feedback text box. Or it could be done by giving all the feedback options an Initial state of Hidden, and then showing the appropriate one based on the variables. 

The post below isn't about your exact situation. But it does provide some guidance about showing different feedback based on the value of a variable:

As you'll soon discover if you start this sort of customizing, there are a lot of possible combinations of responses for a multiple-response question. And there are different ways to give partial credit (e.g., does selecting a wrong answer impact the score or not?). My guess is that that's why Articulate never implemented "By Choice" functionality for multiple-response questions. There are just too many possible options to consider.