Change automatic timings to by user manually on every slide...

Hi there

I really hope this is me being silly...  I've created a small test course for a demo to colleagues and when I previewed it I found it was autmatically (timed) moving forward to the next slide.

OK, I went to Transitions and found Settings. and changed it on slide 1.  I assumed it would do it for all slides...  No it didn't, so I set 'manual' for slide 2 and I found the Apply to All button on the Transition ribbon, and... It does nothing at all!  All the slides are transitioning on the timing unless I manually change them individually until it gets to Quiz slides.  They (obviously!) are manual on the user answering them!

This is a small test so it's no hardship changing them manually and I don't have to start 'writing in earnest' yet.  As we say in the UK, "Is it me, or wot?" Is it a bug or something beyond Apply to All button that I've missed?  I checked in the Settings panel to see if I could set 'manual transition' there but I didn't find it.

Thanks for your help


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