Apply Slide Transition to All Included Quiz Response Slides

Mar 24, 2015

I searched for quite some time in the Community for an answer to my problem and never found it, and after several hours I fixed the problem myself, so I thought I would share.

I had the problem on the Quiz Response Slides (i.e., Correct, Incorrect) flying off the screen as soon as the Submit button was clicked. I found that by applying slide transitions to all slides it also applied that action to the Quiz Response Slides. But, you can't just click "None" for slide transitions and apply to all to fix the problem, you have to go into every single question and change the slide transition for every single Quiz Response Slide. I had always used slide transitions before and never had that issue, and it seemed to have started with Storyline 2.

So, if you have your Quiz Response Slides doing something they should not, maybe it is because of the slide transition settings?

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