Change Button state to 'Normal' after all Layers viewed

Jan 15, 2019

I have been using states to disable and re-enable buttons once other states of objects have been 'visited' etc.
However is it possible to do this same thing but after all Slide Layers have been viewed? The layers are being activated by a Hotspot in this case. 


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Crystal Horn

Hey Timothy. Thanks for sharing your file! The most reliable way of doing this is using variables to track whether the learner has visited each layer. Here's what I did:

First, I set the initial state of your continue button to Disabled. Next, I created a variable for each layer, and added triggers to adjust them to True when the timeline of each layer starts:


Now I need the continue button to change to Normal when all of the layers have been visited. I'm assuming that you don't care what order the learner sees the layers. Also, each layer's content remains visible when showing other layers.

So, I added a trigger to each hotspot to change the state of the continue button to Normal with conditions: IF the value of the other 3 layers' variables is True.  I have to add this to each hotspot because I don't know the order the learner will view the layers.


If the other 3 layer variables are true, and if you're showing the fourth layer by clicking the hotspot, the learner will have seen all of the layers. The continue button can then be activated.

Have a look at your attached file with modifications. Does that help?

Timothy Sneddon

Hey guys,

I took what Crystal gave me and tried to take it one step futher.

Hotspot functions

  • show layer 'view all' when clicked
  • disappear/move off Next/Continue button when state of that button changes to 'Normal'

The code I have attached below seems correct to me but it's not doing as it should?!
If I take away the code to move the Hotspot it shows the layer as it should. Once it's in there is does not show the layer?

Hotspot Rules 1

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Timothy,

Instead of using the motion path to move the hotspot, you could keep the hotspot to help jump to the next slide. 

What I did was add a trigger to:

  • Jump the next slide when the user clicks the hotspot, on the condition that the Next button is equal to Normal

I also added a custom state to your next button that is a duplicate of the disabled state. As with the initial change of the trigger mentioned it was advancing to the next slide. I'm still testing to figure out why but wanted to offer a quick solution that accomplished your needs. 

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