Change corner radius of a round rect shape?

Jun 13, 2012

Can you change the corner radius of a round rect shape? Would be nice. 

If not, what's the link to submit feature requests? I'm building up a list since today is my first day using it.

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Adrian Bara

Thanks a lot Gerry! I actually checked closely on my shape, and it wasn't there! What's interesting is that I had my shape grouped with a textbox, to add some nicer design to it, and when it's grouped, the yellow handle isn't available! As soon as I had ungrouped it, it was there! So I'm not sure if it's a "feature" or a bug Thanks a lot once more!

Gerry Wasiluk

Adrian Bara said:

Wow, you're right! Is there anything you guys didn't think of? I'm impressed Thanks a lot!

Not me.  I'm not an Articulate employee.  

Thank the programming and development wizards at Articulate and all the good folks who make wonderful feature suggestions and those who participate in beta tests.

Chris Wall

Adam: did your request include rounded rectangular callouts? Just like the captions, it appears you can't change them either, although it appears that they do change on their own, based on size and the text they may contain. I really like being able to set the radii with a discrete value.