Change Custom State Not Working

Attached is a self-assessment on time management. Each question is on a 5-point likert scale with 'No' being at 1 and 'Yes' being at 5. Odd numbered questions ideally should be answered yes and even numbered questions ideally should be answered no. If an odd numbered question gets answered no (a 1 or a 2) that gets noted with a false to true variable change. Ditto if an even numbered question is answered yes (a 4 or 5). Besides calculating a final score, the user is taken to a slide where all twenty questions are shown. Questions that the user scored poorly on (i.e., a 1 or 2 on odd or a 4 or 5 on even questions) should appear highlighted. This way the user can pick areas for improvement. I've used text boxes to write out those questions and then created a custom state for each of those text boxes called 'High'. The variables tracking the overall assessment score are working. The variables flagging questions as areas for improvement are working. However, the questions at the end aren't changing their state and showing the highlighted versions.

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